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Who Are We?

ResumeWriters.com is the largest network of independently contracted resume writing professionals on the internet. Unlike other sites, who have one or two writers on staff to handle all the orders they take in, our network allows us to offer you resources that our competitors cannot. We make an effort to hire professional writers from all careers and disciplines. This means that if you're an IT professional, we'll try to place your resume with a writer who has an IT background. We try to do this with all professions, whether you are a teacher or a salesperson or a telecommunications executive.

In addition to hiring professionals in accordance with the standards of the Professional Association of Resume Writers, we put all of our writers through our own, in-house, intensive training and apprenticeship programs. When you order a resume through our site, you are assured of two things: 1) Your writer will know how to write a resume for your specific situation. 2) He or she will be fully versed in resume writing format, procedures and standards.

Because each writer is independently contracted, you are really working with them. One of the advantages of pursuing a resume service over the internet is the ease of contact. Your personal resume writer is only an email away. They can contact you at any time to get more information or clarification. Once they email you with your final draft, you can contact them with any changes or revisions or refocusing you might want to do. It's personalized resume service on a scale never before possible.

How Does Our Service Work?

It's really very simple:

Submit your information through our specially designed career information forms and submit payment verification over our secure server. Why do you have to send in your payment information first? We need this so that we can put through an initial charge verification and assure our writers that they will get paid. Once your order is completed, the writer sends us a final confirmation, and only then do we put through the actual charge. You are only charged upon receipt of your resume.
Get a resume/cover letter back in 24/72 hours. Contact your writer with any additions or revisions you feel are necessary. You'll have your writer's personal email address in order to ensure the sort of document you can be happy with.
Submit your finalized resume to the job of your dreams. We'll even give you access to our Job Search Support Center, where you'll find detailed instructions about how to submit your resume, where to submit your resume, and extensive advice concerning interviews, salary negotiations and other job search procedures. 

How Can We Guarantee Satisfaction?

Our 100% Success Guarantee is this: If after having us write you a resume, you do not get a job interview within 30 days, we will rewrite your resume for free. So if after 30 days of getting your resume from us you have no interviews lined up, simply email us with your order number, and we'll contact you with a new, re-written resume.

In the more than 2 years that we've offered the guarantee, we have had only 20 requests for rewrites. That means that after thousands of completed orders, 99.98% have found jobs after using our services.

That's nearly a 100% customer satisfaction rate!

Read all the details of our guarantee here.

Why Use A Professional Resume Service Anyway?

Because whether you want to face it or not, this is a contest. You might be the best candidate. You might be the most qualified. But if you don't make your resume stand out from the rest—if you don't make the right first impression—you'll never land that interview. And if you never land that interview, then that job of your dreams is just that... a dream.

Your resume is one of the most important documents of your life. The resume is your calling card, your best chance to make a first impression. Without an exceptional resume, you won't stand a chance of standing out from the crowd and landing those interviews you need. Our job is to get you interviews. Our job is to sell your skills and your experience in the most professional and convincing way.

The old adage is absolutely true: Your resume has to capture your reader's attention within 10 seconds. If the reader is not impressed, then what's to stop them from moving on to the next resume in their files? We know how to make you stand out. In a situation when you need to be absolutely sure of quality, don't leave your future to chance. Trust it to professionals.

You need to stand out. Do you know how to do that? Do you know how to sell yourself effectively? Do you know how to add the right keywords so that your resume will be found in resume databases? Do you know how to design a winning, eye-catching document? Do you know the proper resume format for your given career? Do you know the formatting that Human Resource professionals prefer?

We do.

What Makes ResumeWriters.com The Best?

When companies need to sell themselves and their products, they outsource the job to professionals. They hire professional advertisers and marketers who know how to sell a company, how to market a product and to brand an image.
In many ways, your job search puts you in a similar position. You need to need to sell yourself. You have to differentiate yourself from your competition. You have to brand yourself and put across the image of a winning, dynamic employee. In short, when your potential employer asks the question, "Why should I hire you?" You need to have a convincing answer.

In the modern job market, job seekers no longer have to go it alone. They can hire professionals to help them. They can outsource the difficult, challenging aspects of the job search to professionals who know how to get results. 
At ResumeWriters.com, we offer you guaranteed professional service. Think of us as your own personal marketing firm. We will sell your candidacy in the most effective way, helping you stand out from the crowd, and enabling you to brand yourself as the innovative, valuable employee that you are.

There are plenty of resume writing services on the internet. Most are operated by individual resume writers working alone. What makes us different?

  • Our vast network of professional resume writers means that we can match you with the writer most qualified to complete your resume. Sole-proprietor resume writing firms cannot offer this level of specialized service. They can only offer you one resume writer to handle all resume orders, no matter what the career or background.
  • We offer you specialized writers who are qualified to handle your specific situation. We have more resources available than any of our competitors. Instead of merely offering you a one-size-fits all resume with a cover letter, we have numerous levels of services and products. You can get every job search document you'll ever need from us, including e-resumes, scannable resumes and interview follow-up letters. In addition, we have services including resume consultation and coaching, editing, and resume distribution.



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