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Actual customer feedback, non-paid, volunteer testimonials received from former clients.

"You are outstanding!!! My resume looks great! If I don't get a job with this resume I may as well become a used car salesman."
- Tim C., Not a Used Car Salesman

"With regards to Order No. 1747-5898-5462:
Using provided me with a first-rate and distinctive resume and cover letter. Working with the assigned writer was purely a positive experience! She is a true credit to her profession. Your writer was very responsive and exceeded my expectations on quality and timeliness. She provided ideas and consulted with me on what would be best for marketing my Information Technology background and accomplishments to prospective companies. I feel confident that my new resume will provide an advantage for interview opportunities. I will be recommending your services to my colleagues and friends."
- Bob, IT Consultant and Manager

"I made 12 submissions with your work. I've gotten 9 responses. (expletive), I knew the resume was good, but not that good!"
- Jason B., Web Designer

"I sent my resumes out on Monday night. Tuesday morning, my first choice of companies contacted me. I am flying to NY on Monday to close the deal. I appreciate your excellent work and the speed with which you performed. I will definitely recommend your company to others seeking that service."
- Wayne K., Investment Banker

"I want you to know how totally pleased I am with my writer. She did a fantastic job for me and handled my questions and requested changes beautifully. I really was hesitant to contact at first because I have an MBA and figured I could do a good job myself. But, your writer made me a believer! Thank you."
- Diane C., Undisclosed

"You probably won't believe this because I'm having a hard time believing it. After posting your (mine) resume and faxing it to 10 ten different companies, within 3 hours I got 7 calls to set up interviews!!!!!"
- Eugene W., Maintenance Supervisor

"I had 3 different hiring managers comment on how much they liked the layout, the style, and how it outlined and highlighted my strengths. I went from getting an interview in 1 out of 25 applications to 1 in 10! I also went from getting calls saying I was not qualified for the position... to getting interviews for an advanced position! Your resume did what mine had failed to do: it showed my strengths and piqued their interest enough to get them to interview me... I have accepted a position last week, less than 30 days from the time I started using your resume in a down economy. It is for a promotion (from Sr. Manager to Director) and a 20% compensation increase! My deepest thanks to you."
- D Moore, Manager

"I just want you to know how happy I am with my resume. I have gotten a new position with an 8,500.00 increase in salary. I received your resume on the 12th of August and sent out the resume the end of that week by the following week I had 3 interviews and yesterday was my first day on my new job. Your resume worked beautifully and I would recommend this service to anyone. I never thought this would all happen so fast. My new job seems to be just what I wanted. Thank you so much!"
- Melody D., Marketing Agent

"I wanted to write you and say thanks! I got a wonderful position today. It's in Cleveland and I am making more money a year than I was making. I will be referring people to you. Thanks again for making a difference."
- Chad K., Small Business Sales

"Just a quick note to let you know that I was successful in my application for the small animal surgery residency position at (withheld) University. I am really excited as it was my first preference and, being an overseas applicant, the success rate is normally much less. Thank you for all your suggestions and advice. I was very happy with my resume and application letters and am sure that they were a significant part of my overall presentation image and ultimate success. Thanks again."
- Stewart O., Surgeon

"Around the 20th of July I had enlisted the services of your company to write my resume. Previously I had been job searching with my own resume for 6 months without success. In the past month since having my resume professionally written by you, I have had interviews and/or job offers from: Airborne Express; Zoots; Millbrook; J.B. Hunt; and Home Depot. I currently accepted the offer from Home Depot with a salary that I had expected. Thank you for putting all of my military experience in a resume format that excelled above the rest! It was definitely a worthwhile investment. I will highly recommend you to my friends. Thanks again."
- William D., Retail and Operations Manager

"Thanks for helping me out with my resume. Overall I thought the service was excellent I appreciate how fast you got back to me about any questions I was having and for making a resume that really explains who I am. I am sure employers will like it. I took the resumes to professors to look at and one remarked it was the best one she had seen. So it must be pretty good. I was wondering if maybe we could keep some sort of relationship over the web. Eventually I will have to redo my resume and it would be nice to have you work on it since you know my resume already instead of having someone else work on it."
- Brian I., Financial Manager

"It looks great! Iím glad it came out so good because my husband was furious when I told him what I had spent. He thought I could do it myself, which I could of, but it wouldnít have looked this good! I interview well, Iím good at what I do, but writing isnít something I like doing, so itís not my strong point. You did a great job, thank you!!! Iím very impressed with your work!"
- Tara L., IT Specialist

"I simply can't rave about your service enough. I had been told before I was almost too qualified. With so many years of experience, I had no idea how to put everything together in any sort of way that made sense. Your writer gave me a document that was not only compelling, but clear and concise. This truly is a worthwhile service your company offers."
- Judy W., Political Policy Advocate

"Thank you SO much for a terrific job - you saved me a huge undertaking - I have 2 kids under 3, 2 houses to run, a typically helpless husband and a full time job - I barely have time to get food at the store!!! So, this was the last thing I could find time to do.... I've passed your name to all my friends ---- thanks again and great job!!"
- Cindy B., Project Manager

"WOW! I am speechless! What a tremendous improvement from my resume. You made the difference between mediocrity and excellence. As you can see, I am especially pleased with your work. Although I have been getting job offers with my resume, I feel confident that your work generate wonderful opportunities for me. Kudos to you! At first, I was skeptical using a two page resume. After some thought, I realized how advantageously you presented my accomplishments and qualifications on the first page which, I believe, will want the employer take the time to scan the second page. I can not thank you enough for help and prompt service."
- Kelly W., Nurse

"Thank you very much for the great job you did on my resume! Wow! I'm quite
pleased with the results. So far I haven't been able to find anything that I
would change...I think you nailed everything right on the head!
Thanks a million!"
- Shirley H., Radio On-Air Personality

"Just wanted to say thanks again. Everything that you sent looks great and is much better than what I would have been able to produce myself. To be honest, I was a little apprehensive at first since I was doing this online and wouldn't be meeting with you face to face. I am very pleased with the work you did and really appreciate your help. Worth every penny."
- Anthony R., Transportation Sales

"I was leery of spending so much money on this. Not in a million years could I have gotten anywhere near what you sent me. I am completely satisfied. "
- Richard S., Marketing Executive

"Within two days of receiving the resume you wrote, I got an interview for my dream job at Pfizer. You know what? I got the job!"
- Ben C., Chemist

"Seriously. Thanks so much. I never would have had the time to focus on my resume. And my version never would have been so professional."
- Amy W., Restaurant Manager

"Getting a cover letter and resume for that price was great. But the quality of your editor's work made the value of your service all the more incredible."
- Joseph D., Music Industry Manager

"Cover letter looks great! Who wouldn't want to hire me? Thank you for your great work product. I will recommend this service to interested parties. Thanks again."
- Terry C., Teacher

"The resume looks GREAT! Thanks for a job WELL done!"
- Daisy F., Secretary

"Thanks! Loved it! You've been great! Appreciate your work and its well worth every penny!"
- Butch D., Risk Manager

"Thank you! This resume is the result of an outstanding job! It just goes to show that it is better to have someone else create your resume from an unbiased perspective. Eloquently executed."
- Cole W., Training Specialist

"I didn't realize this process would produce such quick results. Now that I have to move on to the next step so quickly, I feel as if I am on the threshold of "separation anxiety." Thanks again!!!"
- Cindy O., Sales Rep.

"Great job! I can't believe how well everything came together so fast. At first I didn't even think that you were talking about me in the cover letter and resume. It really is awesome."
- Randy J., Healthcare Provider

"Thanks again. You have exceeded my expectations and saved me hours of fiddling with what would have been an inferior product. I am very appreciative of the value received."
- Frank M., Executive

"I just wanted to thank you again for the fantastic resume, cover letter, etc. You definitely exceeded my expectations! When my husband convinced me that I needed a professional resume I wasn't sure how to find someone. I looked in the yellow pages but found very few listings. I decided to search on line and that of course is how I found you. After submitting my credit card for payment my husband and I thought- hopefully we'll get something for our money. When you made your first contact that was very encouraging, but when we saw the first draft we were blown away! We knew we had made the right decision.

Tonight I found out what my professional resume can do for me. Nine days ago I sent a recruiter my (old) resume in response to a job posting on line. I never heard back from him except for a brief note indicating my resume was received. Last night I decided to submit my new professional resume created by! Guess what? This evening when I arrived home there was a message from the recruiter asking me to contact him. I called the recruiter and he told me he was impressed with my resume. We spoke for about 30 minutes. He did say that they are well into the hiring process for the position but he was still going to pass my information along to the hiring manager. I sent him a thank you note, using excerpts from the note you created.

Thank you again for a wonderful experience. I am confident that the resume you created will open up doors for me."
- Eve R., Application Engineer

"I would also like to let you know that the resume, Kristen did, has put me in the running for a Federal job with U.S. Customs. Hopefully I will be selected, but the resume caught their eye right away and it has put me at or near the top of the list."
- Jim W., Manager

"Looks GREAT!!! Thank you very much. I'm hoping that with this resume I can generate more interest from potential employers. Thanks again for doing such a terrific job, and having such a professional attitude."
- Matt F., National Sales Manager

"Thank you and your people for all the work they have done."
- Jim W., Sales Representative.

"This is absolutely perfect.. I couldn't be happier!!! I didn't know I sounded this great!!! Thank you soooooooo much. You have no idea how you just made my day much brighter."
- Grace L., CFO

"I showed the last draft to a friend who is an executive recruiter. He said that the summary of qualifications was one of the best written he has ever seen."
- Eric R., Banking Manager

"Wow! Is that me? I much prefer your version of 'me'. Thank you for all your time and work. I REALLY like the results."
- Kelly M., Database Analyst

"God bless you, your family and all dear to you! You are a great writer, because only a great writer can sift through a career history like mine and make it sparkle!"
- Carmen F., Technology Consultant

"I am very pleased with what you have done (I would want to interview this guy!). I like the style and the impact of it. Very good work!!"
- Frank K. Financial Analyst

"The resume is great... amazing, that is! I can't believe that is me. My old resume was too boring; you really did a very good job my friend. Both the content and the format look great. Also, your service has been excellent.
- Tom C., Consulting Executive

"Thank you so much! I am completely satisfied. You did a wonderful job.."
- Erica S., Sales

"To what address may I send you flowers? This resume looks WONDERFUL!!! Oh my GOD!!!! Is this ME that you've laid out so eloquently in this resume? Wow, I'm speechless!! I have never seen anything more beautiful (and it's all true, YEAH!!). Thank you a million times!!!"
- Kenna M., Fashion Design

"Your services were worth every penny! The results were better than I imagined."
- Wendy M., Public Relations

"Thank you so much! The resume looks wonderful. You did a great job. I will definitely recommend your Company to my friends."
- Candice J., Senior Accountant

"I got rave reviews from the resume you did for me. Thanks for doing such a fine job."
- Craig N., Office Manager

"I am thrilled with the work you have done! I am satisfied with the third draft and this e-mail stands as confirmation that my resume is completed. Your help went far beyond what I expected, and I am grateful. In addition to your superb writing skills, I am also impressed with the prompt service you gave me. Job well done!! Incidentally, I have a promising interview this Friday with XXXX Corp. I obtained this interview using your resume."
- Kelly W., Medical Sales

"I LOVE the resume. It is great!! I think you did a fantastic job trying to interweave the 2 different markets I am trying to pursue! Not to mention, my limited amount of experience looks great!!! "
- Jennifer Q., Administrative Assistant

"Thank you very much for the resume. You have definitely jumped my resume up a few steps from what I had done."
- Meghan Q., Production Supervisor

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