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Ready to proceed with a transition? Are you downsizing your workforce, but want to support your employees as generously and efficiently as you can?

At ResumeWriters.com, we are in the business of helping people land new jobs. We have worked with Fortune 500 companies to help thousands of employees find new positions. 

We Offer Outplacement Services For as Little as $90 Per Employee

ResumeWriters.com offers a suite of outplacement services that include:

  • World Class Resume Writing.
  • The development of a full arsenal of career documents.
  • Research, job search and recruiter contract.
  • Employment coaching.
  • 24/7 employment support.

The bottom line is, our outplacement services are a fraction of the cost of traditional packages... services that can run into the thousands of dollars per employee.

Meanwhile, we offer your transitioning employees what they really need: immediate support. We can have a new resume and supporting documents in their hands in a matter of hours. We can have them out pursuing leads in a matter of days. Whether you use our outplacement services stand-alone, or in conjunction with other programs, we can help your employees hit the ground running, immediately, and with confidence.

The best part is, this is a tangible, immediate service you can offer your employees, at a very low cost. Let us help to reduce your liability and severance payouts. Contact us today.


For more information, please send an email describing the nature of your needs to [email protected]




For more information, please send an email describing the nature of your needs to [email protected]

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